About Me

Raymond J. Pirrello Jr.’s life story is one of problem-solving, hard work, and the pursuit of innovative solutions. His journey into entrepreneurship illustrates a resilience shaped by his background and experiences, revealing an individual who recognizes the opportunity and can use those opportunities to effect tangible change.

Making Waves in the Investment World

With more than 28 years of experience in developing companies, his proven track record displays his innate ability to solve complex financial problems. His problem-solving skills spurred the founding and management of Prior2IPO in 2015, which has grown to become one of the world’s most influential pre-IPO networks. This achievement was not the result of a luck streak but was a testament to his tirelessness and relentless pursuit of excellence. In 2020 he left to pursue a full-time passion in expanding Greenlife Farms throughout the country.

Pioneering In Green Farming

Possessing an acute entrepreneurial eye, he helped pioneer one of the country’s first Hydroponic Produce Farms, Greenlife Farms, in southern Florida. In 2009, he co-founded the company, and in 2016, he took on the role of head of their public relations department, showcasing his versatility and dedication. He contributes significantly to sustainable farming practices and healthier consumer choices by utilizing innovative farming techniques. Completing his portfolio, he founded the Valeo Family of companies in the United States, each bearing the mark of his dedication and forward-thinking approach.

Embarking on Clean Energy Ventures

Fuelled by a passion for sustainability and environmental protection, Raymond J. ventured into the clean energy sector. He co-founded a 100-million-dollar clean energy fund in the Northeast, demonstrating an admirable commitment to responsible entrepreneurship. One of the fund’s crowning achievements is the state-of-the-art 75 MW biomass power plant, Burgess BioPower. This endeavor showcases his capacity to solve pressing global problems and his willingness to invest in projects that align with his values.

American BioCarbon:

American BioCarbon is a company specializing in carbon removal and renewable bioproducts. We employ a comprehensive approach to expanding renewable bioenergy carbon capture. Our biochar, certified by Puro.earth, effectively removes and stores carbon from the atmosphere. Located alongside the Cora Texas Sugar Mill in White Castle, LA, we utilize patented biomass separation technology to create biochar and other products from sugar cane bagasse. Through our unique use of agricultural waste, we address historical environmental impacts and support customers in achieving their environmental, social, and governance objectives. For more information, visit www.americanbiocarbon.com.

Earth to Energy:

The Earth to Energy Fund (ETEF) specializes in investments within the biomass sector and related entities with growth potential. ETEF exclusively owns and operates its assets, ensuring full control to maximize potential, tax efficiency, and overall return on investment. For additional details about the Earth to Energy Fund, visit www.earthtoenergy.com.

The Intersection of Problem-Solving and Hard Work

Undeniably, every endeavor he undertakes is driven by a combination of critical problem-solving skills and sheer hard work. Whether in pre-IPO networks, investing in sustainable energy, or fostering green farming techniques, his tireless perseverance shines through. He is not one to shy away from daunting tasks, and regardless of his challenges, he maintains the same level of determination and commitment.

An Active Pursuit of Life

He has passionately pursued skiing as his hobby, radiating the same energy he applied to his professional endeavors into his personal life. Inherited from his father, a ski instructor, his love for skiing solidifies his belief in hard work – after all, mastering the slopes is no easy feat. It demonstrates his ability to appreciate and extract the joys of life and provides a balanced perspective, further highlighting his dedication in each domain of his life.

In the heart of every successful entrepreneur lies a combination of resilient hard work and a capacity for problem-solving. In Raymond J. Pirrello Jr., these virtues take center stage, evident in every aspect of his life and career. As a leader, innovator, and pioneer in his respective fields, he has seamlessly woven these virtues into the tapestry of his personal and professional life, setting an impeccable example of entrepreneurship for generations to follow.

Raymond J. Pirrello Jr.